Our Clients

At Dougherty & Associates, we serve a wide range of individuals, ages, lifestyles, and families.  And, we currently serve clients in more than 15 states across this great country, using modern technology like Iphones, Skype, email, and occasional visits to stay in touch.

Individuals & Families

Every one of our clients is an individual with unique situations and objectives.  For that reason, we have no cookie-cutter formula for how to design portfolios; every account is different.  You may be a younger family saving for retirement and utilizing IRAs.  You may be getting ready for retirement or already there and need to utilize your savings for monthly income.  We help you manage this entire process and most importantly, we keep an eye on the target:  where do we want to go and how are we doing in our efforts to get there? 

Retired or Widowed

Our retired clients comprise an important part of our management practice, because we are very experienced at handling issues that pop up during this period of a person's life.  John's CPA expertise with taxes, estate planning, and trust management plays a pivotal role in providing guidance and comfort to his clients, especially in light of a client perhaps losing a long-time spouse.  We also pride ourselves in working with children of retirees, when it is called for. 

Business Owners

Our long experience with business owners related to tax and planning issues helps significantly to guide the business owner.  We strongly believe that every business person on Day One should begin thinking about positioning themselves and the enterprise for sale, merger, or transfer, in years to come.  Like any other asset, we focus on building its value, then realizing the gain as the owner moves on years hence.