Our Fees

Dougherty & Associates, LLC operates as a "fee only" financial advisor.  This means we collect no commission for securities or products sold nor do we receive any incentives to sell certain products like mutual funds.  Contrast this to large banks or brokerage houses in which the corporate headquarters provides incentives to their employees to sell the products they want sold -- regardless if the product is best for the client. 

Fixed Percentage Management Fee

For Asset-Under-Management Investment clients, our annual fee is a fixed percentage a fixed percentage of assets managed.   Therefore, our fee income is directly related to your asset performance:  if your assets go up, our income goes up, but if your assets go down, our income goes down. 


Fee is All-inclusive

Our day-to-day investment management is hands-on and comprehensive.  There are no extra fees for telephone or office consultations and miscellaneous financial help.  John typically helps clients to review estate planning documents like trusts and wills, and assists with family financial planning issues, insurance matters, and even big-purchase items like a house or car.  


Other Services

Initial consultations are free for those who are considering to utilize our investment services.  For those who have just a few assets and may want some one-time guidance, there is an hourly fee.