Wealth Management

Naturally, our clients vary in wealth and income.  For all our clients, and especially those with significant assets, our concern is not only providing financial security for the present, but also guiding the clients and their families through multiple generations of wealth.  John Dougherty's experience as a CPA therefore can offer clients advice on legacy planning, gifting, trust design, and asset protection. 

Trustee Services

Many clients have asked John to serve as successor trustee for them because they can expect that through his care, integrity, and experience, their wishes for the management of their assets will be in good hands.

Charitable Trust Design

For those clients who wish to donate assets to charities, we are also able to help design charitable giving that is effective and tax efficient.  Through the use of various trusts, the doner is often able to simultaneously provide for the charity, generate income for themselves, and receive a favorable tax deduction in the process.