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'Fee only investment management by a CPA'

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Our dynamic approach is Unusual, Comprehensive, Complete, and Built for you.

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A distinctive approach, backed by our exceptional qualifications.

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We weave expert tax consulting directly into our wealth management service.

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ENJOY Your Retirement Years

 We offer customized, non-proprietary solutions solely in 
 our Clients’ best interest. 

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"Our clients have come to rely on us to be their most important financial guide as they travel through life. We can help you, too.“

John A. Dougherty, CPA®, MBA


Market Update Summer 2015

After a good year in 2014, in which stocks averaged increases of 13% and bonds about 6%, 2015 looks quite different. In the first quarter of the year, economic growth was actually negative at an annual rate of minus .7%.

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12 MAY

Einstein Was Right

Long Term Impact of 1% CDs | Albert Einstein is supposed to have remarked that a force in nature even stronger than gravity is the power of compound interest.

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